All-in-one 360 photo booth Android app for one-time customers and professionals!


one-time customers: for your wedding, birthday, bar mitzvahs, private parties…

professionals: event planners, wedding planners, DJs, marketing companies...

The FIRST complete photo booth apps for the Android market.


Create your event

Using our online control panel, you customize your booth or sharing station.

Download the App

Enter the event name and you are ready to go. It is that simple!

Capture, print and share

Start photo or video session, print and share them.

Pick up photos

Guests pick up their branded photos at the designated area.
parallax background

The funEvent® photo booth and 360 video booth app in 1 minute


The first 360 photo booth with WhatsApp sharing feature

360 slow motion/reverse videos, MP3 soundtrack, animated overlays

Compatible with the GoPro black 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Sharing images with and WITHOUT the internet
Social media sharing: WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, QR code, TV screens

Drop Box integration

Real-time slideshow on TV screens

Data capture: powerful data collection

Custom disclaimer text and link to your full terms and conditions

A “thank you customizable e-mail” automatically sent to the guests

Automatic photo background removal

Webcam & DSLR cameras (Canon and Nikon) for taking photos

Landscape and portrait orientation

Custom photo branding: animated overlays, green screen backgrounds

Custom app branding: company logo, screen wallpaper, screen saver

Wireless printing: set up multiple stations using one single printer

Lowest investment possible: ONE Android device and a light ring.

1 FREE sharing station: use an extra device for social media sharing

The funEvent 360 photo booth app is revolutionizing the event industry: corporate events, sports events, festivals, concerts, weddings…

The funEvent SHARE App

With the funEvent SHARE Android app, your guests can share their images taken with ANY photo booth software.
We share the images via WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, and QR code and print and upload them to TV screens for real-time slideshow.

The full screen will display thumbnails for all the images and videos in the folder being monitored. Guests can choose their photos, GIFs, Boomerangs, strips, and MP4… and decide how to share them.

The funEvent 360 photo booth app has social sharing functionality, but you may prefer to separate the sharing features. If sharing station traffic is still a concern, you can pay for more licenses to get multiple sharing kiosks that sync with your photo booth to keep things flowing quickly..

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funEvent 360 photo booth app and funEvent SHARE app features unlimited for any plan.
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* Note: During the trial period, all photos will bear our funEvent watermark.


* You can print the photos directly with Wifi printers; you can use Dye sublimation printers (DNP, Hiti, Brava, Mitsubishi, Sinfonia, Kodak, Fuji...) with a windows laptop (any old device will work). You can print with or without internet network. For these printers you will need to install our photoprint file. Please, follow these instructions.
Social Media Platform S.L. provides no guarantee that funEvent App is compatible with all mobile devices.


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