6 poses to succeed in your event photos

Photo booths have become a very popular trend at events and celebrations as they offer a fun and unique way to capture special moments. Therefore, if you have a photo booth, suggest to your clients the best poses so that they get the most out of the experience at their gatherings.

Here we present six ideas for you to recommend to your clients to make them stand out and create unforgettable memories.

1. Bring out the model you have inside
This pose is perfect for those who want to look elegant and feel like the stars of the event. Put one hand on your hip, start walking and look directly at the camera with a flirtatious smile and shift your weight to your best side.

Cover photos coming out!

2. Air kiss
This is a classic and fun pose that never goes out of style.

Pretend to kiss the air by tilting your head to the side and blowing a kiss at the camera. If you want to give it a funnier touch, exaggerate the pose by closing your eyes a lot and showing off your best pouts.

You will look charming and add a touch of fun to your photos.

3. Photobomb
They say that the best pose for a photo a spontaneous one, without having posed or used any props.

Interrupt your friends’ photo by appearing out of nowhere and let the camera capture their reactions.

4. Inseparable friends
If you are sharing the photo booth with your friends, feel free to organize everyone to take a group photo. Depending on how the photo booth is set up and how much space there is, you can try and pose as a soccer team, stand in a row wrapping your arms around each other using different facial expressions and poses.

If you don't have that much space, almost better! Take advantage and crowd in a lot, surely more than one shot will come out with a funny face.

5. The crazy gestures pose
Why not let your creativity run wild and strike some really crazy and fun poses?

Try making funny faces, moving your arms and legs in opposite directions, sticking out your tongue, or crossing your eyes. The idea is to have fun and let your personality shine through in each photo.

Don't be afraid to be a little quirky and show your funnier side.

6. Use plugins
If you want to further elevate the photo booth experience, create or purchase props for each event guest to get into character and pose in front of the camera.

Anything goes when it comes to having a good time, such as: mustaches, giant glasses, wigs, or hats.

The key to success in an event with a photo booth, in addition to the poses, is also to have a quality app, with an infinite number of functions and options, such as the FunEventApp, which allows you to add frames, backgrounds and music to the photos and videos of the event.

When it comes to photo booths, there are no set rules, just fun and creativity.

Remind everyone to relax, be themselves, and enjoy the process!