The 7 keys to start in the photo booth business

Nowadays people go crazy to capture any moment and detail with a camera and then share those images with the world. Photos allow us to capture the most special moments of our life and remember them forever.

Despite the fact that the selfie became a great competitor of photo booths, this trend has not succeeded in displacing the appeal of a good photo booth at an event or party.

Is it a good idea to start a photo booth company?
It definitely is. Opening your own photo booth business is a profitable option that does not require a large principal investment and it is a very easy service to sell to both companies and individuals.

Next, we are going to see some of the most important steps to start in the business of photo booths and 360 videos:

1.Define your market
The good thing about the photo booth business is that its target audience is very broad. With events like weddings, meetings, events, and graduations, there are opportunities everywhere.

But all this variety can be crazy, so it is always better to focus on a few types of events and dedicate all our strategy and efforts to that target audience.

Defining your market, in short, allows you to make your investment more profitable.

2.Choose your work team
Just as with your target audience, choosing the type of photo booth you are going to use is key, since there are many options.

The traditional photo booth is closed with a curtain. There is a free-standing photo booth with an interactive screen. A 360-degree rotating photo booth also exists. The options are quite varied and each one has its own advantages.

Once you know what target audience your business is aimed at, you will be able to know which photo booth equipment is going to be the right one for it.

3.Choose good software
Any digital photo booth requires good software and an app to capture the photos and deliver them to the guests. FunEventApp offers a great variety of functions, and it is compatible with all types of Android devices and now with GoPro ones as well.

With the FuenEventApp you can create accelerated 360 videos, in slow motion, with all kinds of backgrounds along with static and animated effects.

In addition, with the FunEventApp you can use a Smart TV to share your photos and videos, which in turn you can share via WhatsApp, SMS, or e-mail.

4.Know the profile of your customers
In your business plan, your target audience must be well defined. Knowing your client, their needs and tastes is essential to continue developing said plan.

5.Set the price
Before booking your first event, you need to determine the price or price range that will ensure profitability for your business. Studying the prices of the competition and the market will give you clues for this.

Finding the right point is difficult. If you set a high price, you will not get sales. If you set it too low, it won't be profitable.

6. Build a marketing plan
The entire marketing plan will help reach the whole target audience that we have established.

This strategy includes having a secure, intuitive and attractive website, active social networks with interesting content, brochures, business cards, and SEO.

7. Have a network of contacts
As your website and social networks attract an audience, work to build buzz offline as well. One good way is to join networking groups related to events, marketing, or photo booth businesses.

In these groups you can soak up the experience of others and promote your business.

These are some of the main keys to start your adventures in the photo booth world. Although there are many more and we always recommend that you get good advice, we hope that this article has helped to guide and encourage you to open your own photo booth business.