Android Photo Booth App

Android Photo Booth App

Android Photo Booth App, Fun Event App.

We have developed the first Photo Booth application on the market for Android devices. Our Fun Event App has many features that are perfect for all kinds of events.

With our Fun Event App you can:

  • Print photographs in 4 x 6 “ format or strips.
  • Share photos, animated GIFs and Boomerangs via WhatsApp, email and SMS
  • Create slideshows and project them onto monitors, televisions and large format video walls.
  • Create event galleries; through a URL you will be able to see all the photographs that have been taken.
  • Take pictures with chroma key, so you can choose whatever background you like best.
  • Personalize your photos with logos and event branding.

This is the result of the images that you can share through WhatsApp, SMS or Email with our Android Photo Booth App.

Android Photo Booth App

Resultado GIF animado para compartir.

One of the features that our customers demand most often is to be able to share photos via WhatsApp, SMS or email. It’s a way to share your memories from private events and strengthen your brand image for corporate events.

In this video you can see several examples of events where clients have used our application.

At these events they enjoyed prints on strips or 4×6″ photos. Sending animated GIFs by WhatsApp and projection of all GIFs files onto a giant video wall.

Our application is available on any Android device and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store here..

Remember: to print photos you will need a computer or laptop with Windows and a printer. The transfer of photos from the Android device to the computer with the printer connected, is done over Wi-Fi (without internet). You have the advantage of being able to place the point of collection for photos anywhere in the event, to either avoid a build-up of traffic or to direct traffic to a particular point.