Events where photobooth must be present

The photobooth appeared just a few years ago and since then it has become the perfect accessory for parties and events. You can have a fun time taking photos and making videos with your colleagues, friends or family and create very nice and endearing memories.

Getting a photobooth is the perfect idea to liven up your event or party, but today we will highlight the events where a photobooth must be present.

Birthdays and anniversaries

The photos and videos to remember that special person or that couple celebrating their golden or silver wedding anniversary must be present at these parties. We all have a mobile or a camera or you can hire someone, but why not make it funnier and take it to the next level with a photobooth?

Let your creativity run wild and prepare personalized backgrounds and funny accessories that guests can wear to make your birthday and anniversary photos and videos more special.

Congresses and fairs

Are you an events and marketing specialist? If you are going to organize your next fair, congress or exhibition, you can attract many more customers with a photobooth at your stand.

People who come will take a funny and dynamic 360º photos or make videos with your brand’s logo on it.

You will create a memorable experience and your clients and prospective clients will remember you much longer.

Company dinners or events

Company dinners and events are an infallible tradition for team building and creating a good atmosphere within the office.

Your employees are enthusiastically looking forward to these moments, and a photobooth provides additional fun and an indelible memory.


Graduations are events to celebrate the end of a stage and welcome new challenges. Those are perfect times to celebrate with classmates, many of them lifelong friends. Therefore, it is very important to create good memories.

For this, a photobooth, but especially the 360 videobooth, is the perfect tool to have a good time while taking photos and making videos that will last in the memory of all attendees.

The possibilities with a photobooth and videobooth are endless, so taking them into account when organizing your party or event is crucial to create unforgettable memories.