Photo Booth for events

Photo Booth for events with big screens

The best option to liven up an event, Photo Booth for events

For several years now, we have been the preferred Photo Booth event option for many clients to entertain their events.. Our Fun Event photo booth App helps you convert tablets and smartphones into portable Photo Booths, letting you cover every corner of the event and offering our customers a simple and enjoyable way to share their best moments with their attendees.

Print and share

You can print your photos in different formats and share them through WhatsApp, e-mail, and text message/SMS. You can also activate the option to automatically generate on line Galleries that you can access by simply sharing a link.

Screen projection

You can install a large screen, a projector, or a conventional TV at the event to display a Slide Show of all the photos that are taken during the event. They can be still or animated GIFs with different presentation modes. Choose the one that best suits your event.

Virtual props

We have a very fun virtual prop function. It is not static, but rather follows the movement of your head, moving freely, making your photos even more fun. You can activate it in our application with a simple click on the control panel.

Overlay customisation

All photos, regardless of the format chosen, can be customized with an overlay and the logo of the event sponsor. Even if it is a private event, such as a wedding or a birthday, it can be personalized with the names of the couple or the birthday person.

Photo Booth for events, the best way to liven things up.

Photography is a very effective communication and marketing tool. No one messes up their own photo. We also make photography a fun and unique element of an event for you to take as a long-lasting memory, strengthening the image in your mind in a pleasant and non-intrusive way Contact us if you would like more information.