The easiest 360 video booth app in the world

Surely you have seen in social media some very original videos that revolve around the protagonists, as if they were music video clips. You may have asked yourself, how did they do it?

These types of videos are made with a 360 video booth, a photo booth that makes 360 degree videos, resulting in original and incredible videos that will leave everyone speechless.

What do you need to create your 360 videos?

It will not be necessary to manufacture anything, since all the elements are for sale, and they are very easy to acquire:

1. A 360 platform with a rotating arm (spinner)

The 360 platform can be manual or automatic, which starts a motor that rotates de spinner by remote control. With the manual platform, a simple push on the arm is enough to make it rotate 2-3 turns while the video is being recorded.

The result of 360 videos is identical regardless of which 360 platform is used. For corporate events, users tend to use motorized 360 platforms, while for private events, family reunions, weddings, etc. Manual 360 platforms are normally used. The advantage of manual 360 platforms is that practically nothing can be broken, avoiding mishaps during an event.

The price difference between an automatic or manual 360 is less than $200.

2. Choose the perfect software

Our suggestion is to simplify as much as possible. It is advisable to use software or an app which has handling that is simple and intuitive and avoids the need for a training course or webinars. There are very powerful apps with a multitude of effects, but their difficulty in learning generates rejection. What the end customer values the most is the minimum functions that a 360 video should have: video recording duration (we recommend 4 seconds approximately), allowing playback at different speeds (slow motion, normal speed, fast motion), boomerang effect or reverse playback, adding your favorite song as the soundtrack of the video, adding the logo of the sponsor of the event or even an animated frame (fireworks, confetti, etc…). Or even better if you can also add a welcome and a farewell image to the video.

With the funEvent 360 photo booth app you can set up a video in less than 2 minutes. We give you the possibility to choose one of the most demanded songs or you can upload your own mp3 file. You can use any of our static frame templates or even animated frames with a multitude of effects (fireworks, confetti, rain, etc...). If you don't like ours, you can upload your own frame in png or webm format.

In addition, with the funEvent 360 photo booth app we have implemented the “360 autostart” function. The mobile detects when the arm (spinner) is moving and starts recording automatically.

3. Hardware

Depending on the software you use, you may only need a mobile phone, a GoPro or a DSLR camera combined with a powerful mobile phone or a laptop.

Our suggestion is to simplify as much as possible. With the funEvent 360 photo booth app you only need an Android mobile. We recommend the Google Pixel 6 for its wide-angle camera that also records at 120 fps (frames per second) allowing you to create very high quality slow-motion 360 videos.

4. A device to record

You can use any Android mobile brand (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Sony, etc...) so you can have corporate clients interested in hiring you to present their new mobiles or tablets.

You can share the videos from the mobile on which you are recording WITHOUT having to remove it from the arm, via SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail or a QR code.

In addition, funEvent has created the funEvent SHARE app to share videos from an additional tablet as a Sharing Station, if you like. You can also share the videos on a Smart TV using a URL that our control panel automatically creates. The QR code for each video appears on this URL for attendees to scan and download.

It is "an impressive experience" for those attending an event: recording a 360 video, receiving it instantly on WhatsApp and watching it on the giant screens at the event. The 360 is the perfect tool to liven up events, generate leads and gain notoriety on social media.