The most iconic photographs in history

Photography, as a means of communication and expression, offers a wide variety of interpretations and forms of execution (type of camera, angles, environment...).

In its history, photography has been marked by many images that have become part of the collective imagination of the entire world.

In this post we have selected 6 of the most famous and influential photographs and we will tell you a little more about what is behind each of them.

The vulture and the little girl
In 1993, Kevin Carter traveled to Sudan with the United Nations to portray the country's famine. There, he captured the image that would earn him a Pulitzer Prize and an ethical crossroads.

He took a picture of a starving Sudanese girl who was close to a vulture that seemed to be stalking her. This controversial image became a metaphor for the agony that Africa was going through and opened the discussion on journalistic ethics.

The green-eyed Afghan girl
It is probably the most famous cover of National Geographic and one of the most iconic photos in history.

In 1984 the 12 year old girl was photographed by Steve McCurry in an Afghan refugee camp.

This image has become a symbol of criticism of the situation of refugees and victims of armed conflicts.

V-J Day in Times Square, by Alfred Eisenstaedt
August 14, 1945. President Harry S Truman announced the expected victory of the US Army over Japan.

Many people took to the streets to celebrate and, according to testimonies, young boys were stopping and kissing each and every one of the women who were there.

Many photographers tried to capture the moment, but the photograph that would go down in history would be that of Alfred Eisenstaedt. Once published in Life magazine, the photograph became an international symbol and over the years we have been able to see this image decorating homes and public spaces.

Windows Desktop Background
We dare to ensure that this photograph is one of the most famous and most viewed in the world thanks to Microsoft, which chose it as the desktop background for their Windows XP operating system, remaining engraved in the collective imagination of the entire world.

The green hill, an intense blue sky with fluffy clouds... But where does this background come from?

It was thought that it was a product of Photoshop, but the truth is it’s a real image captured in Napa County, by Charles O'Rear, a National Geographic photographer.

Lunch atop a Skyscraper
This famous black and white photograph was taken during the construction of the impressive RCA Building at Rockefeller Center in New York, in 1932. The image, in addition to being a beauty, perfectly portrays the precarious working conditions of the time after the Great Depression in the United States.

Of course, far from what one might think, this photo is not as spontaneous as it seems. It was, in fact, a huge publicity stunt that would later appear in the Sunday supplement of the New York Herald Tribune.

Over time (just like the photo of the kiss) we have been able to see it in various formats such as postcards, posters, and paintings.

Abbey Road album cover
Undoubtedly, another of the most reproduced images in different formats which has served as decoration is the cover of the Beatles' album, Abbey Road.

Police gave the photographer, Iain Macmillan, 10 minutes to take the picture, as they could only stop traffic for that long.

The photo was taken outside the EMI's Abbey Road Studios, and the concept was developed by Paul McCartney.

The good thing about this photograph is that there was nothing prepared (except the traffic stoppage). Each "Beatle" came out dressed in the clothes they were wearing at the time, and in fact, it could be said that seeing the different clothing styles of each of them, the image was a kind of testament that evidenced those differences that would lead them to the total breakup of the group.

Create your own iconic photography
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