Where did photo booths come from and how have they evolved?

A photo booth is one of the key elements of any celebration today, but how did this invention come about? What was the origin of photo booths?

Early photo booths were nothing more than a machine that was activated by inserting a coin which took pictures automatically, nothing to do with those of today. Technology has advanced very fast, and these machines have changed completely. That is why we are going to take a little trip to the past and discover the origins and evolution of the photo booth.

The origin of the photo booth

Although there were several attempts to create a system to take photos automatically, it was not until the 1920s when the Siberian Anatol Josepho managed to make a coin operated machine that could take photos and print them on paper automatically.

Shortly after this invention, a young Canadian entrepreneur named David McCowan decided to create a variant of Josepho's photo booth, capable of taking circular format photos in less than a minute. In addition, he replaced the wooden walls and doors of the original photo booth with a metal structure and the door became a curtain (does that ring a bell?).

Soon entrepreneurs around the world were encouraged to copy Anatol's design and join in the photo booth business.

How has the photo booth evolved?

The invention of cameras fascinated the entire world. Being able to photograph individuals and families and keep those memories forever was incredible for the time. But like everything, only the wealthy classes could afford such a luxury to frequent photographic studios or even own a camera.

The attraction of the photo booth was its speed, the fun and, above all, its price. At last, the lower classes had access to a quick, cheap, and personalized photo session. It was a game with which children, young people and adults were entertained. They used to be placed at fairs and recreational centers, as part of the attractions and a way to preserve that memory in an image.

As the years went by, the appearance of new, more affordable, and individual devices endangered the life of the photo booth, but what ended up saving the life of this machine during those years were passport photos.

For a few years now, we have seen how the photo booth has continued to evolve, improving its characteristics and quality and how it has once again established itself as a key element in events and celebrations of all kinds.

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